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The Streeplay Middle School is an imaginary institution located somewhere in the American Midwest in a place where the children do not play in the street and don't know that such things exist. It is dedicated to making its students' lives richer, more fun, and more literate.

What's a pathfinder?

The word "pathfinder" definitely has a lot of meanings. At the Streetplay Middle School Library web site (the thing you're looking at right now), a pathfinder is a collection of Internet links pertaining to a particular subject. Let's say your history teacher wanted you to write a report on the Declaration of Independence: sure, you could look up a bunch of stuff on Google and other places, but if you find a pathfinder here, you can be pretty sure the information you'll find is pretty good (and not incorrect). The reason is that the links you'll find in the pathfinder are chosen by the teacher, a librarian here, or both!

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